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Christmas Shoe Boxes

“This year We moved from California. Sacred Heart was referred by our family and friends so enrolled our son. We are not regretting on our decision to enroll our son at Scared School. All teachers are good, helpful, My son loves to go to school. Best School in Medford.”

- Unknown – Parent

About Christmas Shoe Boxes

Please join Sacred Heart School and our Parishes inour combined effort to bring Christmas to hundreds of children and adults in our area. We are asking that every child in our school help by participating in Christmas Shoeboxes for children and adults to be distributed by St. Vincent de Paul and the Family Nurturing Center in Medford.

As you embark on your holiday shopping, keep in mind the child or adult you will be buying for this year. Each class has been assigned an age level for which to purchase items. Please do not include: war-related items, chocolate or food, liquids, glass or gaming systems.

Gift Ideas for Children

New crayons, school suppies, Play Doh, flash cards, stickers, small toys, small books, magazines, coloring books, flashlight, Legos, hair products, toiletries, fun shampoos/soaps, card games, magnets, sports balls, refillable water bottle, hats/gloves/scarves, wallet, journals, magic tricks, puzzles, appropriate movies or CDs, calculator, travel games, t-shirt, disposable camera, watch, jewelry, key rings, small alarm clock, matchbook car, gum, models, dolls, yo-yo, Barbie, nail polish/decals, fast food gift certificates, movie gift cards

Gift Ideas for Adults

Soaps, razors, handkerchiefs, cards, underwear, scarves, pens & pencils, shoelaces, snack bars, deodorant, caps and gloves-Anything you can think of that an adult man or women with little means can use.

1. Everything should be NEW.

2. Please DO NOT wrap the items individually.

3. Please wrap the box so that the top can be lifted off for inspection purposes.

4. Label your shoebox boy or girl and appropriate age group.

5. The shoeboxes will be brought tot he Family Nurturing Center and St. Vincent de Paul on Tuesday, Dec. 10th.

6. Return the gift wrapped box to Sacred Heart School on Monday, Dec. 9th.

Please keep your Christmas shoebox at home until Monday, Dec. 9 and thank you so much for your continued spirit of giving to others.

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