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Early Education

“I really like how all the teachers are calm and they know how to help me.  The classes are really fun, especially Art and P.E.  I really like Science and also like the playground.  Sacred Heart is different from other schools because I get special attention and have gotten a lot better at Math compared to when I was at a public school.  It’s also very different because there is no bullying.  All the kids are really nice because the kids believe in Jesus.  They love Christ and pray, and it makes them happier and calmer.  I also like being in person for learning.  It’s really nice and you feel comforted.”

- Mirabelle - Student

About Early Education

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Early Childhood Program! Our Early Childhood Education Philosophy believes that a child develops gradually through social, emotional, moral and physical stages. The affects of the child’s early education can influence his/her future and their lifelong love of learning. Our program has been created ot provide an enriched environment for children, which benefits their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our exemplary, play-based program develops each child’s unique potential. Our program is a continuous process of unfolding age appropriate experiences. Play is a way of learning for children. During a typical school day there will be structured and unstructured periods, enabling children to learn at their own rate. Our environment encourages interaction among children as they pursue a variety of independent and small group tasks. Social interactions are very important at this age. Sharing. listening in circle time, and being kind to others are a day to -day learning process. By using the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”, we will teach the way Jesus wants us to be. We make prayer a part of our daily routine.

Tuition and Fees Agreement

2024-2025 Registration

Early Childhood

Preschool and PreK


Early Childhood Tuition:


$316.35 Monthly Per Child
(11 Months)

School Week: Monday - Friday 8:00-11:00

Sacred Heart Early Childhood is an essential element of Sacred Heart School and Parish.  While essential to the school and Parish, the Early Childhood program remains self-supporting.  The Early Childhood program remains under the administration of Sacred Heart School and follows all school guidelines and procedures.  No financial aid is available.

Entrance Age:

Children entering into the Early Childhood must be 4 years of age on or before September 1″ of the academic year of enrollment. The student must be able to use the bathroom without assistance.

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