Sacred Heart Catholic School

Gift Card Program

“We enrolled our daughter in Sacred Heart’s preschool program this past fall. I have been so impressed with the family atmosphere, even with the challenges of COVID not allowing adults to come inside the building or participate in traditional classroom activities. Sacred Heart really feels like a family. Parents and staff have all been so welcoming. Additionally, our daughter has made amazing strides academically. She has learned to write her name independently and identify letters based on the sounds they make, in just two short months. Overall, we are very happy with our decision to have our daughter attend Sacred Heart. Go Knights!”

- Samara G. – Parent

About Gift Card Program

It’s fast. It’s easy and it goes towards your family’s fund raising obligation.

Our current Gift Card Program coordinator is Martha Burke.

The Gift Card room is located next to the front office and the health room.

Click here for RaiseRight’s complete list of possible companies to buy gift cards for and let Terry Fry know so that she is able to order it for you.

Sacred Heart
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