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Two Stem Labs

“If you are looking for a faith based school. Sacred Heart is a great place.”

- Lorena G. – Parent

About Two Stem Labs

Sacred Heart School is committed to providing students with project-based, hands-on, and career-influencing science experiences that require teacher expertise, resources, and time. We pledge to ensure that our students receive a strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education early, so they are prepared for college, career, and life.  Our new STEM curriculum, Bridges, by the Smithsonian Institute is recognized by the National STEM Coalition.  We live in a time of exponential change – where we are flooded by information, where new technologies alter nearly every facet of our lives, and where the pace of global developments have an increasing impact on our communities and our planet. With the shifting of our lives, Sacred Heart is dedicated to preparing its learners for a future to solve problems that we are just beginning to understand, and to use technologies that have not even been invented!

Students will be called upon to understand these complex challenges, find solutions, adjust to change, innovate, work together, and build on the knowledge and achievements of previous generations (all essential elements of a STEM program)

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